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hey bro, Zakiro! We've made recently a demo titled Julia's tales, and we'd love to see your opnion about it ,thank you very much

thanks sm

You're welcome

thank you for sharing it

You're welcome!

thanks budd, I'm still working on mine

You're welcome, good luck on your project.

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Hello Zakiro, I'm using your songs Lets'Go and Party Tonight,
in a game I published this week, your songs are great. 
If you have a chance, check it out.


Sorry I don't understand your language, but good luck for your game and your future projects. I already try, and I think it's fit your game. Well Done ! :D

Hey there, we have used your pack on our upcoming game which is under development called "Robo Platformer" thank you for creating such a great pack. All rightful owners have been linked.


SwaftStudios Founder

You're welcome, good luck for your game !

Great Music pack! I used "Panorama" song in my Android game, Pix Me Up,

Thanks !

We used your music for our jam game! Thanks for the great music!


You're welcome. Good luck on your game jam and the next projects!

Hey man, Used your music in my game and it totally fit with the feel I'm looking for.

Hope you can drop by and check out how it looked like, Cheers!

Game Link:

Thanks for using my music into your project. After trying the game, I also agree with you.